Training Methods


Your dog isn’t as bad as you think. He’s just a bit confused. You might be getting the feeling that your dog "knows better" and that he’s having accidents in the house out of spite, but he’s probably just a little lost and unsure about what you expect from him. Nearly every housebreaking problem can be resolved through a clear, consistent training program that’s easy for you and your dog to follow and understand.

I believe most dogs are eager to be clean in the house. My training methods take advantage of your dog’s natural desire to keep his "den" clean, as well as his innate desire to please his human pack. I focus on making it easy for dogs to learn the right potty habits, so my training focus is on success and praise.

I know each household is different, so my program teaches many different housebreaking methods, including crate training, doggy door training, paper training, litter box training and more. And I know housebreaking isn’t easy, so I include lots of information to teach you what to do if your puppy has any problems along the way.

Your dog’s a good boy… and he’ll be even better once he’s housebroken! The sooner you start, the sooner you and your puppy will get to the finish line, so get started today!