About the Housebreaking Bible

I created The Housebreaking Bible after decades of experience as a professional dog trainer dealing with every housebreaking issue imaginable. I wanted to offer a comprehensive, free source of housebreaking information that's available to all dog owners, since everyone needs to housebreak his or her dog, but not everyone has access to (or the ability to pay the big bucks for!) a professional dog trainer.

One of the most common reasons dogs are turned into animal shelters is that they aren't housebroken and their owners, not knowing what to do to fix the problem, just give up on them. I believe that with the right information and a bit of vigilance and consistency, just about every dog can be housebroken. Puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, rescue dogs... ALL dogs. Some will take more work than others, of course, but I promise you it will be well worth it!

I hope you enjoy the site and that this program helps you and your dog. If you find the site useful, please spread the word to anyone else you think might be in need of some housebreaking help. And once YOUR puppy is housebroken, give him a big kiss from me... what a good dog!!

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The Housebreaking Bible is a great source of free housebreaking information for your clients. The forum is a unique source of professional training advice that will help people to solve difficult housebreaking problems and provide them with a community of friends going through the same challenges they are.

Your clients will thank you for directing them to The Housebreaking Bible. And it's easy to do, with a wide variety of text- and image-based ads that are easy to copy and paste and will look great on your website.

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Learn more about Rebecca Setler, the professional dog trainer who created The Housebreaking Bible!