Getting Started with Housebreaking and Paper Training

Must-Read Articles

The Ten Commandments of Housebreaking

Choosing a Housebreaking Plan

Confinement, Supervision and Clean Up

Puppy Proofing Your House and Yard

Umbilical Cord Training

Choosing the Right Crate for your Dog

Acclimating Fido to his Crate

Crate Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog

Keeping a Written Potty Schedule for Your Dog

The Art and Science of Dog Poop Disposal

Puppy Training

Surviving the Night with your New Puppy

"The Puppy Airlift" - Prevent Housebreaking and Paper Training Problems

Moving On

Are you still here? If you've read all the articles here, you should move on to a specific training program, either housebreaking or indoor potty training.

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