Housebreaking - Training Your Dog to Potty Outside

Housebreaking is the most common way to train puppies and dogs to be clean in the house. Housebreaking teaches your puppy or dog that he is never allowed to go potty inside any part of your house, and that he is supposed to pee and poop outside. The following articles cover the basics of an effective housebreaking program, crate training, and fixing problems related to housebreaking and crate training. Follow these dog training tips diligently and you are almost guaranteed success in your house training!

The Basics of Housebreaking

Housebreaking training starts with teaching your dog not to go potty inside the house and to go potty outside. This training always starts with the first training article in this series, "Housebreaking Training." After you read about housebreaking, you may decide that you also want to use a doggie door or train your dog to tell you when he needs you to let him out.

All the articles below assume that you have already visited our getting started section. If you haven't, you may want to start your education there.

Housebreaking Training

Teaching Your Dog to Take Himself Outside Using a Doggie Door

Teaching Your Dog to Bark to Go Out

Adding Corrections


Problem Solving

You Dirty Dog! What To Do if Fido Has Accidents in his Crate

What to do When Fido Barks in his Crate

Submissive Urination: What to do if Fido "Sprinkles"


Advanced Housebreaking

Once you've started your house training program, you may want to complete your training with the following dog training tips.

Teaching Fido to Sleep Outside His Crate Overnight

Fido's Crate Trained... Now What?


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