Let’s face it. If your dog isn’t housebroken, nothing else matters. Cuteness and personality can win big points for a dog, but his looks and charm may begin to wear thin once you realize that cleaning up after him has become your full-time job.

Housebreaking can be one of the most difficult parts of training your dog. It can be frustrating, time-consuming and, at times, just plain icky. The potty training process might even make you wonder what you were thinking when you decided to get a dog. But don’t be discouraged… with a little patience and consistent training, your dog CAN learn to do the right thing!

Rebecca Setler’s Housebreaking Bible will teach you the basics of a simple, solid housebreaking plan for your puppy or dog, but we don’t stop there. We go beyond the puppy potty training basics to help you with issues like teaching your dog to be quiet in his crate, teaching him to use a doggie door or bark to go outside, teaching you what to do if your dog “sprinkles” when he’s excited or has accidents in his crate… and more.

So stop spending all your time on your hands and knees and all your money on paper towels! The Housebreaking Bible will save the day, save your sanity AND save your carpet!

Visit our getting started page to start learning today… your dog will love you for it!

Q: How long will it take to potty train my dog?

A: That’s the big question… and there’s not one answer that applies to every dog. It depends on your dog’s age and temperament, as well as whether your dog has a history of having accidents in your house. The good news is that you’ll most likely be able to stop your dog from having accidents TODAY by using my methods for tightening up your supervision and scheduling your dog’s potty trips, but that won’t mean your dog or puppy is fully housebroken. If you’re starting with a young puppy, you’ll likely need to stay on a fairly strict housebreaking program for a couple of months. With an adult dog, you may get lucky and find that a few days of training is all that’s required or with more difficult cases you may need to work on housebreaking for a couple of months just like you would with a young pup. The training will get easier and your dog’s behavior will consistently improve, so even if you need to be on a longer housebreaking program, it won’t be so bad… really!

My housebreaking methods don’t offer a quick fix or a miraculous dog trainer’s secret that promises to teach you how to potty train a puppy overnight. In dog training, as with most things in life, quick fixes rarely yield lasting results. And the only real secret in dog training is that it takes a little time and effort to create long term improvement in your dog’s behavior.

This program is designed to be a source of clear, step-by-step housebreaking instructions and in-depth, detailed solutions to your dog’s housebreaking problems. I’m committed to offering a free housebreaking program that yields solid, long-lasting results based on the foundation of a good relationship between you and your dog… be patient and consistent while potty training your puppy or adult dog and you’ll see results!

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