Rebecca Setler (the self-proclaimed Housebreaking Queen!) loves a housebreaking challenge. She has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years. Starting with a job at the ASPCA, moving on to a school for professional dog trainers and subsequently running her own business, Rebecca has trained every kind of dog imaginable. She works full-time with private dog training clients, resolving obedience, housebreaking and behavior problems. She focuses on creating well-behaved pets that fit into their human families and are a pleasure to live with and take into the world. She always emphasizes the importance of a diligent housebreaking program from day one, knowing from her experience at the ASPCA that housebreaking problems are one of the main owners relinquish dogs to shelters. Over the last 20+ years, she has helped owners to housebreak dogs deemed incurable by their owners and even other trainers. She believes in a flexible approach that utilizes the program most likely to succeed for each dog, taking into consideration his family, home environment and individual preferences and idiosyncrasies.

Rebecca lives in California with her husband,two perfectly housebroken dogs and Teddy the handicapped Poodle, aka "The Ultimate Housebreaking Challenge"!