As a pet professional, you probably come into contact with clients who need help housebreaking their dogs. I want to help you to help your clients learn about humane, effective housebreaking techniques. The information on this website is free for all users. For pet professionals, I also offer downloadable flyers that you can print and hand out to your clients. I hope these will make it easy for you to distribute useful housebreaking information. If there is any other way that The Housebreaking Bible can help your business or your clients, please contact me.

The following PDF resources may be printed for distribution:

The Ten Commandments of Housebreaking (condensed version)- a single-page handout of basic housebreaking tips appropriate for general distribution.

The Ten Commandments of Housebreaking (expanded version) – a 7-page handout with more detailed information appropriate for distribution to clients with new puppies or adult dogs with known housebreaking issues. This file may also be made available as waiting room reading material.