Q. There’s a lot of information on your website. How do I know which articles to read to housebreak my dog?

A. Don’t worry… you won’t have to read the whole thing! If you’re having a specific housebreaking problem, try using the search tool at the top right corner of the page. You can type in single words (like papertraining or crate) or questions or phrases (like “dog pees in crate” or “teach dog to use dog door”). Your search results will list the articles related to your specific problem.

If you’re just starting out or you need a complete housebreaking program, start by reading The 10 Commandments of Housebreaking. Then choose a training method: housebreaking for dogs that will potty outside and indoor potty training (paper training) for dogs that will potty inside on papers or in a litter box. Once you’ve chosen your method, then read the article “housebreaking” or “indoor potty training” (for paper training and litter box training).

If you still need more information once you’ve read about your chosen method, you can read my articles about crate training, umbilical cord training or teaching your dog to go potty outside using a dog door. Then if you need them, read articles about specific issues like what to do if your dog has accidents in his crate or surviving the night with your new puppy.

If you still have questions, visit the Housebreaking FAQs page for answers to specific housebreaking questions.

Q. It seems like I’m going to need to buy some housebreaking supplies. How do I know exactly what to buy and where to buy it?

A. I know it can be confusing to walk into the pet store without knowing exactly what you need. There are so many choices, it’s hard to know if you’re buying the right thing. I’m trying to make housebreaking your dog easy, so I’ve done the legwork for you! I’ve found good deals on housebreaking supplies with online suppliers that carry everything you’ll need.

You can either jump directly to the “Products” section to view all supplies or you can check out the “Buy Related Products” box at the end of each article to see supplies you may want to buy for your dog’s specific issue.

You can support The Housebreaking Bible’s free content by buying your pet supplies directly through the links on this site – or if you prefer not to shop online, just check out the supplies here, then go to your local pet store to shop for something similar.

Q. My puppy is only 6 weeks old. Is he too young to start a housebreaking program?

A. It’s never too early to start housebreaking your puppy. The methods outlined on our site will work even for very young puppies. Just remember that the younger your puppy is, the less bladder and bowel control he’ll have. You’ll need to be sure he gets plenty of potty trips, since he can’t be expected to hold it for long periods when he’s a baby.

Q. I’ve had my dog for years and he’s always had housebreaking problems. Is it too late to start a housebreaking program?

A. I’ve successfully housebroken many dogs even after they’ve been having accidents in the house for years. Of course, it will be a bit more difficult, since your dog has already learned that he has the option of going potty in your house; but if you’re willing to do the work, your dog can become housebroken at any age. Just start with a clean slate and begin his housebreaking program as if he was a new dog you just brought home.

Q. My dog has always lived outside, but we want to start keeping him in the house sometimes. How can I train him to not have accidents if he’s never been inside?

A. The good news is that if your dog has never been in the house, he hasn’t developed any bad housebreaking habits. You can follow a regular housebreaking program with him and he should do just fine.

Q. I want to get a new puppy, but it seems like housebreaking takes a lot of time and work. I’m pretty busy, so is there a quick way to get him housebroken?

A. Housebreaking a puppy does take time and patience; if you’re running short on either of those things, you may want to consider getting an adult dog that’s already housebroken. There are many great, trained adult dogs that need homes. Contact your local animal shelter or animal rescue organization to find out about adopting a dog who’ll fit in with your schedule and lifestyle.

Q. I’ve tried training my dog using the information on your site and he’s still having problems. What do I do now?

A. Most dog owners will be able to successfully housebreak their dogs using the information provided by this website. However, if you’ve tried these methods and you’re still having issues, you may benefit from the help of an experienced, professional dog trainer. Ask your veterinarian for a referral to a good trainer in your area.