Crates and Confinement Supplies

ZenHaus Crate

If you’re worried about the impact a dog crate will have on your decor or if your space is limited, this gorgeous modern crate doubles as an end table! Available in multiple colors and sizes.

ProSelect Heavy Duty Crate

If your dog is an escape artist or a crate-destroyer, this heavy-duty crate (described by the manufacturer as “virtually indestructible”!) is a good option for containing powerful or destructive dogs.

Impact Case Collapsible Heavy Duty Crate

If you need a portable crate for your strong, destructive or escape artist dog, this collapsible heavy-duty aluminum crate is a rock-solid choice. It’s approved for airline travel, too!

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel Crate

These sturdy Vari-Kennel plastic crates are ideal for dogs that like a cozy place to hang out. You can use them for travel, too, so they’re perfect for pups who want to join you when you go on vacation!

Noz2Noz Soft Crate

Soft crates are a convenient, portable option for keeping your pup cozy when you’re away, but you may want to go with a sturdier option for destructive dogs or Houdini hounds!

Wicker Crate

These wicker crates are a great choice if you want something attractive but reasonably priced. They’re great for non-destructive dogs, but be warned – chewers might find the wicker irresistible!

Midwest Life Stages Crate

This all-purpose crate is an especially practical choice for young puppies, since it comes with a divider that allows you to expand the crate as your puppy grows so it’s always just the right size.

Wire Crate with Wood Frame

This crate is a perfect option if you want an attractive crate but have a pup that may have accidents or nibble on an all-wood crate. It’s easy to clean and there are wire panels between your pup and the finished wood frame.

TownHaus Wood Crate

These gorgeous finished wood crates will keep your house from looking like a kennel; they look more like a nice piece of furniture than a dog crate! Available in multiple finishes and sizes.

Snoozers Crate Cover

Many pups are calmer in the crate when it’s covered – and a cover will make your crate look a whole lot better! Snoozer crate covers come in multiple colors and sizes to fit your crate and match your decor.

Deluxe Crate Pad

Available in several sizes, these crate pads are perfect for keeping your dog comfy in the crate. And you can wash the whole thing, which helps to prevent SDBS (Stinky Dog Bed Syndrome)!

Dog Water Bottle

If your dog needs to have water in the crate but might be prone to spilling or splashing in a bowl, this dog water bottle will keep your dog hydrated and the crate dry!

Crate Water Bowl

If your dog needs to have water in the crate, try these stainless steel water bowls that attach securely to the inside of the crate door. They come in multiple sizes so you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your pup!

Exercise Pen w/ Walk-Through Gate

This exercise pen has a walk-through gate and comes in several heights (if your dog’s a climber, get a tall one!). Can be used in multiple configurations as a pen or room divider, or be connected to a second pen to create a large play area

Indoor Barrier System

This indoor barrier system is great for keeping your dog out of forbidden areas, but I recommend you use it only for areas that will be permanently forbidden, not for areas you’ll allow him in once he’s trained. A puppy gate is a better option to temporarily keep him out.

Outdoor Dog Run

This dog run is a safe outdoor hangout for dogs who don’t have fenced yards or who aren’t ready to have unsupervised access to the whole yard. Remember to be sure your dog has some shade and a water bowl!

Deco Walk-Through Gate

This attractive bronze-finish gate can be opened with one hand and closes automatically after you walk through. Adjustable to fit a wide range of doorways.

Hands-Free Puppy Gate

This self-closing walk-through gate opens with a foot pedal, so it offers totally hands-free operation – a big help when you’ve got your hands full with your new puppy!

Freestanding Walk-Through Puppy Gate

This sturdy freestanding gate is perfect for wider doorways. It has a walk-through gate, so you won’t need to hurdle the thing every time you enter or exit!

Dog Tie-Out

If you don’t have a fenced yard or outdoor dog run, this overhead dog tie-out will allow your dog to have some safe free time outdoors! If it’s hot or if your dog will be outside for an extended period, be sure the tie-out is positioned so there’s some shade and access to a water bowl.


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