Puppy Sleep Training Supplies

Head Lamp

A head lamp can be a real life-saver when you’re taking your pup out for potty trips in the dark. You can see what your pup’s doing and keep your hands free to hold the leash and pick up poo!

Puppy Sleep Training E-Book

If your pup is making nighttime a nightmare, it’s time to buy my Puppy Sleep Training e-book! It’ll teach you everything you need to know to help your pup to sleep through the night without crying or accidents.

Snuggle Puppy Sleep Toy

Some pups find it soothing to have some company while they sleep. This sleep toy has a heartbeat and warmer; it may just become your pup’s new best friend!

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine calms puppies overnight and when they’re crated. It might even help YOU sleep better, too!


Dog Beds

Bowsers Double Donut Bed

This is one of my favorite dog beds… it’s super comfy for your dog and comes in multiple sizes and about a zillion attractive fabric options to match your decor!

Midwest Dog Bed

This cozy dog bed with a washable cover is a solid choice if you’re looking for a reasonably priced dog bed! Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Washable Dog Bed

This fully washable dog bed comes in two pieces that can be tossed in the washer – so it stays clean and stink-free inside and out, even if your puppy or senior dog has accidents on it!

Puppy Proofing Supplies

Boundary Repellent Spray

Repellent sprays don’t work for all dogs, but in many cases, they’ll keep your dog away from forbidden areas and objects. For best results, be sure to reapply daily in the early stages of training.

Cabinet Locks

Keep your pup and your stuff safe! These cabinet locks will keep your nosy pup from discovering your Cheerios…or worse, your cleaning supplies!

Cord Protector

This cord protector has repellent to discourage your dog from chewing and provides some physical protection from those little puppy teeth. It won’t make the cord chew-proof, but it may slow your pup down enough that you’ll have a chance of stopping him before he chews all the way through!

Refrigerator/Cabinet Lock

If you have a clever dog that’s figured out he can open the fridge for an all-you-can-eat buffet, these appliance locks will save the day… and your dinner!

Self-Closing Gate Hardware

You never know when someone will put your dog at risk by accidentally leaving your gate open. Install this gate hardware to prevent escapes and keep your dog safely at home!


Incontinence and Submissive Urination Supplies

Belly Band

Using a Belly Band can help you assess whether your training is helping to resolve marking or submissive urination problems. No need to risk tinkles on your floors… just check the Belly Band to see what your dog’s been up to! They’re also a life-saver for older dogs that are having bladder control issues. For females, try a doggie diaper instead.

Doggie Diaper

While I don’t recommend using doggie diapers instead of housebreaking your dog (!), they can be useful for certain situations, including incontinence issues and assessing your progress with submissive urination or marking training.

Leaks No More

All-Natural Leaks No More is a miracle supplement for dogs with incontinence issues – and it works for many dogs with submissive/excited urination issues, too!

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