Indoor Potty Supplies

Odor Control Dog Litter

These recycled-paper dog litter pellets have odor control ingredients to keep the stink down; use ’em with the Dog Litter Box!

Dog Litter Box

This is a great litter box for tiny dogs or puppies. Can be used with dog litter, newspaper or potty pads. I recommend getting the larger size, even if you have a teeny dog!

Potty Pads

Wee-Wee Pads are basic potty pads for puppies or smaller dogs. The built-in attractant scent will help your pup figure out what the pads are for!

Extra Large Potty Pads

These BIG potty pads are essential if you’re pad training a larger dog, but they’re also nice for smaller dogs, since they give them more room to sniff around and choose a spot and the pads won’t get “full” as quickly!

Washable Potty Pads

Washable potty pads are an inexpensive alternative to disposable potty pads. And if your puppy chews up disposable potty pads, using these may solve your problem!

Replacement Crate Tray

These trays are the perfect thing to lay your potty pads on. They keep urine from soaking through the pads onto the floor, and the low edge will help your dog to distinguish the potty area from the floor, preventing “oopsies” near the pad.

Faux Grass Potty

This dog potty with artificial grass is a good lower-priced option for puppies and smaller dogs.

Real Grass Dog Potty

This real-grass potty spot is good for puppies or tiny dogs. Dogs who have previously been trained to go outdoors but now need to learn to use an indoor potty area do especially well with real grass!

Porch Potty

The Porch Potty is a nice-looking potty area for indoor or outdoor use. It’s a nice size for bigger dogs, but I recommend it for smaller dogs, too, if you have the space. Can be used with the included fake grass, or even better, replacement REAL grass… or sod from the home-improvement store!

Real Grass for Porch Potty

This real replacement grass for the Porch Potty is great, especially for dogs that have previously been trained to go outside but now need to learn to use an indoor potty area.

UgoDog Potty Tray

If your dog chews up potty pads, the UgoDog potty pad holder will help to keep your playful pup from shredding his pads before he has a chance to use them!


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